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Turkey day  01 the 22 mile mark.jpg (100441 bytes) Turkey day 01 12 Miles out.jpg (67040 bytes) Watching 10 Sandbag Jump Mad Hatter Turkey Day 01.jpg (102176 bytes) Yoshi at the HLZ.jpg (88264 bytes)

Trail Signs

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Turkey day @ the 22 mile mark

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Turkey day @ the 12 mile mark

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Watching "10 bag" jump @ Mad Hatter

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Yoshi gettin air @ HLZ

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Group at last bridge on One Way Hills.jpg (106021 bytes) Mud Rock Run  Moon dirt.jpg (109311 bytes) Nice Bandaid retainer strap Russ.jpg (102605 bytes) Over the A frame at the water hole.jpg (77144 bytes) Slippery when wet.jpg (83855 bytes)

Group @ Last bridge on One-Way Hills

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MudRock's moon dirt

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Nice Band Aid Russ

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Over the A-Frame

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Slippery when wet Randy

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turkey day.jpg (139821 bytes) Chris drops to the bridge One Way Hills.jpg (104138 bytes) Circle the bikes HLZ.jpg (63653 bytes) End of Mud Rock Run Turkey Day 01.jpg (67966 bytes) Endo san Gettin some air at The Shute.jpg (73966 bytes)

Turkey Day Run

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Chris on one-way hills

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Circle the bike @ HLZ

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End of Mud Rock on the Turkey Run

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Endo San getting air on the Shute

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careful.jpg (85185 bytes) email.jpg (92183 bytes) crossing_the_bridge_2.jpg (105912 bytes)

This Family Mart is in the perfect spot

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When they cut roads in jungles...

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Careful... just don't stop

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Getting air (no matter how little

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The bridge to Mudrock

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Decending into Mother

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I hate Hawk Ridge

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Getting air at Mother

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Speed it up on Mudrock ridge

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Mom, see what the Army taught me

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Tom with a spider

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Over the edge on One-Way Hills

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You say parts in 10 days eh?

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Gathering at the chin up bars

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Exiting the Shute

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It's a fine bridge indeed (35 KB)

Tom, Greg and Vern @ Luge

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Ken cruising Paintball

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Whitehouse blind

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Tom and Yoshi at the Powerstation

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Spider Alley 

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Base of Stairs  

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Taking wood up HLZ

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Building High Road's 2nd bridge (97 KB)

Breaking for lunch

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Tracey, Mike and Pat after a ride (110 KB)

Bill getting some air on paintball (64 KB)

Kaz-san and friends (60 KB)

View from the top of La Luge (40 KB)

Resting at farmer's hut (97 KB)

Vern on a muddy ride (78 KB)

On the trail to HLZ 

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Rest at power station 

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Coffeebreak at the sea wall (61 KB)

Why its called spider alley (77 KB)

If you have any pictures you would like to see on the web, let me know.