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Post Thanksgiving Day ride

Who: Everyone

Where: Kadena Gate 3 (Chibana)

When:  Friday, 11-29-02, 0900

    It's time again for our annual post turkey day ride.  For those who don't know the turkey day route, it will start here at Gate 3, up Chibana Flea market, past Kurashiki Dam (mad hatter/cinderella, mudrock) up to La Luge, up the hill at mother, across the high-road/hawk ridge, down spider alley and the chute. From there, on to paintball and then barking dog back to gate 3.

    We plan on having water drops at the Moto track (anyone know a better name?) and at paintball.  We'd love to have a few people (riders or otherwise) to take a few action shots for posting on the web.

    Biggest areas for fall-out last year were the bottom of La Luge and at the chin-up bars. For those riders, an idea might be to forward stage a car that morning so you've got a ride home. If you choose to do that, you can drop off your bike at my house (right by gate 3, e-mail me for directions) to avoid dragging it back and forth.