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After Christmas Ride 

Time: 0730 26 Dec 01

Place: parking lot outside of gate #3.

Distance: approx 20 miles

Ride time: under 4 hours

Route: same as turkey ride however the end point will be the chin up bars.

Hears the deal: We are going to need to have a few people park at the chin-up

bars and leave their vehicles so we can transport folks back to the start point 

after the ride. We also want to have a couple of coolers for Gatorade and after

ride refreshments/snacks.  This ride, unlike our first, will be a bit quicker with 

less stops (since more people know the route). The goal is to get everybody 

done and drinking refreshments in under 4 hours.

We will see!!!

POC is still TBD.





Post Turkey Day Ride

 I don't think anyone could have asked for a better day for a run.  Good company, great trails, and few accidents resulted in a Turkey Day run which sets the standard (sounds like a bullet eh?).  I'll get the photos posted as soon as possible.  Someone suggested compiling all the video we shot on a tape a selling it for a $5~$10 bucks.  Maybe we could buy some trail maintenance tools or something.  Maybe we could pay for a party after another ride. If you would be interested in buying a video, send me a message.  Curt