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List of Things To Do


1.  Finish linking the "High Road" to the "Hawk Ridge"

       - Probably should have it break out about 100 yards below where it is now.  

2.  Make the base of "The Shoot" rideable

       - Need to make the 90o turn into a curve.  Move earth from hill and build a bank so we can hit it fast.

3.  Link the top of the "Water Hole" to "KOA"

       - There is a swamp at the bottom and a bridge will need to be built.  Also, unless we can find a better way, it's gonna    be a walk either way out from the swamp.

4.  Figure out a way to handle climbing "The Ridge" from the "Water Hole" to the "High Road".

       - I imagine really sweeping cutbacks but the maybe I just need to work on my skills more.

5.  Build a curve that links the road to "Mother" with the hill to KOA.

       - Should only be about 100 yards of work.  This way, we can get to HLZ w/o crossing steel bridge.




Please send me any suggestions and I'll add to the list.


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