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Okinawa Bike Shops

  1. Ishikawa Cycles
  2. NEOS
  3. Sports Depo
  4. Bridgestone Shop
  5. Komesu Cycles
  6. Toy Shop bikes
  7. Ikehara



Let Me know if you know of more.

Ishikawa Cycles

Ishikawa's, headed out of Kadena circle toward gate 3

What's for sale: Giant, Cannondale, GT, mixed - some re-sale

Repair Services: One of the most popular on island, will fix next day for most.  Most components are LX. Hours are about 10 am to 7 pm.  English is understood, if not necessarily spoken at first.

How to get there: Go right out Kadena Gate One on Hwy 58. Don't take the overpass by the circle.  Instead, take the circle all the way around back toward gate 3.  When you get around to where the overpass drops out, there's the shop on your right.

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NEOS Nature Earth Ocean Space

NEOS Storefront

Okinawa's REI

What's for Sale: Jamis, Specialized, GT, Giant, Coleman

Repair Services: Unknown, likely only for purchases

How to get there:  Head South on Hwy 58 to Naha. After Futenma, stay in the left lane going down beside the first overpass you come to, NEOS will be the first building on the left corner at the large intersection.  It sits with its back to the overpass and parking is right in front of the store. If you go over the overpass, take the first left, and then the first left again to go around the block. 

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Sports Depo (not a typo)

Turn Left HERE

(notice the field  and white building)

Birkenstocks on the Right Sports Depo

Bike racks inside

 (a few more, too)

What's for Sale: MTB and Road:  Giant, K2, Scott, Specialized 

Repair Services: Unknown, likely only for purchases.

How to get there: Head South on Hwy 58.  Past Kinser is a long overpass.  At the end of the overpass will be large billboards on the Left and lots of construction. (See the photos for what to look for) Turn left at this big intersection.  A Birkenstocks shop will be on the right side of the intersection. It is about two blocks down on the Left side.

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Bridgestone Shop

Look right, you're almost there Your first view, (should've turned at the last intersection) The storefront The selection

What's for Sale: MTB & Road : Giant, GT, Bridgestone, Cervelo, Anchor, Tandem bikes

Repair Services: Yes, limited English - Big workshop in the back.

How to get there: Head South on Hwy 58, once you are in the thick of Naha, look for Hwy 222.  At this intersection turn Right, take the first Left, take the next left.  It is on the left and parking is limited. If you miss the turn, there's plenty of room for a U-turn

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Looking South after leaving foster

Across the street

What's for Sale: Gary Fisher, Panasonic

Repair Services: Unknown, very likely

How to get there: From Foster's PX or Legion Gates, turn right on Hwy 330. Go for about 1-2 km. The shop on the right just before the pedestrian bridge.  You can't miss the large golf billboard.

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Toy Shop Bikes

Looking south on 329

The Storefront

The selection

What's for Sale: Road and MTB:  Giant, Jeep, Dunlop, Anchor

Repair Services: Unknown, not likely

How to get there: Leave straight out Kadena's Gate 3, to Route 329.  Turn Right following until 2 lights past Route 74.  The store will be on the right, it's actually a toy-shop, with some bikes for sale too.

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Ikehara Bikes

The Storefront

What's for Sale: Primarily Road and Some MTB: Gary Fisher, GT, Panasonic

Repair Services: Yes, no info on quality of English or service

How to get there: Leave straight out Kadena's Gate 3, to Route 329.  Turn Left and follow into Ishikawa, once you get into the main part of town, keep a sharp eye for Oki-Mart on the left, Ikehara's in on the right immediately after the next stop light past Oki-Mart.  The stoplight isn't a major intersection, so don't let that throw you off....

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