Welcome to mountain biking on the beautiful island of Okinawa. If you want to know of places to ride, people to ride with or maybe you need a bike mechanic, just e-mail one of us on the list and we will be happy to assist you


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Daniel, Enjoys fixing them as much as riding.

Pat, Always up for a good ride! Uphill is good because you always get to go down.

Dan, Avid mountain biker.  Rides anywhere, anytime.

Tom, Work hard, ride hard.

Mike, Gary Fisher X-Caliber hardtail

Jim, Redjumpstumper, always willing for a ride, any speed, day or night.


OMBA Riders who have rode on!

Vern - The epitome of Oki's "Old-Head" rider.  If he didn't build it, he probably knows who did.

Curt - Loves working trails as much as riding them.  (Maybe more)

Joe Baes..Joe 35 yrs old, luvvvvvvvz to Mountain Bike, tour and road rides!! TREK/Dragon Optical

Anna Anna is ready to ride her Trek, on the trail or road!! TREK

Mike, Rocky Mountain Element, and am happy with almost any riding that don't include leg shaving . Bring on the hills!