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Stairway to Heaven


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High Road


One Way Hills

La Luge


What's to say? It's like a commercial break thrust into your favorite TV show. It's nothing but road riding and walking.  It's all very ridable, but this is where you pay in advance for the downhill rush of La Luge.  What goes down must go up.

The Trail
At the end of Collarbone corridor One way hills, ride to the main Hwy, then turn left on the paved road. Follow the road past a hotel and golf course on the right until you reach a picnic area on the left. This is an excellent place to refill your Camelbak and/or water bottles. Pick up your bike and walk up the 212 stairs to the observation tower. I don't know anybody who enjoys this part. The 360-degree view from the top makes it worthwhile every time, though.

If you don't feel like climbing the stairs then you can wimp out and take the bypass.