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High Road


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Paintball/ 2 Balls Tower

HLZ/Spider Alley


Blurred Vision/ 1 Way Hills


The High Road

Probably one of the more technical areas on the island, this trail is relatively young and is littered with bridges and switchbacks.  This makes for a great route when you're not it the mood to make the bigger loop around La Luge.  Anyone who can ride the entire route without stopping somewhere is a near deity in my book.

From Spider Alley

  After the log jump and uphill patch, right about when you're ready for a break, you'll notice the trail mellows out and seems to offer a short respite.  Look to your left and you'll see a branch to the left.  If you or someone in the group is current on CPR, take it up to High Road and hold on tight.

From Heartbreak Ridge

  Pass the turn off for Double-track tower/Mother and follow the main path past around the hillside.  Once past the tree-line and at the sharp right in the road, look left for a hole in the bamboo brush, take that up to the Hawk ridge portion.

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