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Paintball/Two Balls Tower


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Paintball (Yomitan) 

Length: 4.5 - 5 K

This is a short (about 5k) loop that follows the fence line around an area that's used for paintball games and little, if anything else. There are no major climbs but a couple short, steep pitches. It's almost entirely narrow single-track, with the rusty chain-link fence on one side and drop-offs of varying heights into the woods on the other side.  The surface is primarily clay and rock, with debris from the overhanging vegetation and a few randomly-placed spider webs thrown in, depending on the season. Most of the trail is narrow and punishing, with very few choices of lines: either you get it right or you get hurt, or at least embarrassed.

How to get there
Follow the same directions as you would to find Spider Loop.  Instead of turning right at the last traffic light, turn left. Park here.

The Trail
Simply follow the fence, keeping it on your left.  Once you have passed the initial climb (about 1km) exercise extreme caution if this is your first time through and/or you have no guide! Paintball has many surprises. Also, try not to lean too far to the right - ride a nice clean line if you can. Otherwise you may be buying a new helmet sooner than you had expected.

Two Balls Tower

Earns it's name from the Oki Ham Marker - just look and you'll understand.  This is a good, rambling addition to paintball.  You can tack it into paintball to round out your ride.  Avoid it after heavy rains, though, cause it gets pretty nasty with Okinawa's special brand of sticky mud.

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