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Paintball/ 2 Balls Tower

HLZ/Spider Alley

High Road/Hawk Ridge

Blurred Vision/ 1 Way Hills



The Mother of All Downhills 

This one rivals La Luge and Blurred Vision for the Adrenalin Rush award. What makes it even more interesting is the rope gym (no kidding!) that a certain Mr. Bill Finch has constructed over the stream at the bottom. Even if you're too cashed at this point to play on the ropes, you have to admire the man's dedication to his art. And speaking of art, there's a sculpture-in-perpetual-progress hanging from a tree in the same vicinity. It consists mainly of trashed bike parts, artfully arranged. Feel free to add yours; if you don't have any bike parts that are sufficiently damaged when you start out, you may have some by the time you reach the end of The Mother.

The Trail

This trail starts the at Heartbreak ridge, a long dirt uphill preceded by a steep road that runs directly off of Hwy 58.  Heartbreak provides northern access to the spider valley routes.  As you top out on heartbreak, you have a choice of a left turn to double track tower (look for the sign on the right), or on to the High Road.  Double track tower is a nice downhill with surprise ruts hidden in the grass.  At the end of the double track is a narrow trail that suddenly drops into a very steep down hill.  That's mother... chances are if this is your first time there, the word Mother will instinctively come to mind, though not in the same context.  Be careful riding down, it's very slick even when dry.  If you ride the brake too much, you just guarantee an uncontrolled skid.  Watch out for the bridge, it takes a beatings during typhoons.  After that is a winding path through swamp and root covered hills onto a 4X4 road.   Follow that to the Chute (small cutout on your right about 300 meters down the road) or back to the HLZ fence line.

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